Artist's Statement

Through my art I have tried to make the works that I want to see or hang(primarily male nudes) .
My favorite works are the greek classical nudes. The idealized male form enamors and amazes me. The discipline of the mind over the body, and the body over the mind. Most of my work does express this obsession. To run like an athlete or to run your hands over an athlete. The figure is the form.
I enjoy Michaelangelo for these reasons.
Then it is line, color, fun, sensuality and sexuality. Chagall, Picasso, Warhol.
Bold lines that create the human form in all its strength.
Art is a luxury that few can afford. Art as a luxury is grounded in politics. Politics very rarely exhibit the love of man for his fellow man. The Sistine Chapel with man in all his stunning glory is a product of the church. Commercialism and advertising have overtaken much of mans creativity.
The chase of the dollar foreshadows the need of expression.
The desire to live beyond this lifetime, to be seen or known as creating beauty in this world can come through art.
This form, our shell is truly all we have. From the primitives to the future, our bodies are what carry us and hold us together. The physical is the spiritual.
I and my work are products of our time in history. Including the influence of AIDS(Harring and Mapplethorpe), gay rights(Tom of Finland), racism(Baldwin) and sexism(Butterfield). Expression is empowerment. Art history has covered so much ground. Modernism to minimalism, I can only try to fill in gaps or recreate to expand its accessibility.
The medium is the messenger, from painting to prints to photos to sculpture the content is the consistent. The figure as a positive reflection of who we are to ourselves and each other. Making it a better world as human beings.

BlueFlesh the Art of James R Reinke