"Passage of the Spider", Paintings by James Reinke
6/1 to 6/28 1989, One of a Kind Gallery, Madison, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Painter and Sculptor Biennial, "Balance",
Ink on Canvas, 9/17 to 10/29, 1989, Rahr-West Museum, Manitowoc, Wisconsin

"Timecard", Lauri Beth Clark's show, "Approach/Avoidance",
3/31 to 5/6 1990, Madison Art Center, Madison, Wisconsin

Certificate of Excellence, Soho Art Competition #11,
12/5/1990, Ariel Gallery, Soho, New York

Milwaukee Lesbian and Gay Pride Committee Art Festival,
6/15/1991, 2nd Place Booth $250. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Sexual Credentials", published in "Erotic Art by Living Artists"
Copyright 1992, ArtNetwork, Renaissance, California

Leather Mural painted 2/1992 to 3/1992
Wing's Levi and Leather Bar, Madison, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Lesbian and Gay Pride Committee Art Festival
6/14/1992, Art Booth, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

San Francisco Gay Pride Art Festival, Art Booth
June 28-29,1992, San Francisco, California

Milwaukee Lesbian and Gay Pride Committee Art Festival
6/27/1993, Art Booth. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Old Glory" and "Altered Boy", Madison Community Pride/Coming Out Show
July 1995, 7th Floor Gallery, Humanities Building, Madison, Wisconsin

"Art in Bloom", Installations with Maplethorpe and Meeker,
May 1998, Madison Art Center, Madison, Wisconsin

Prints in a bin, August thru October, 1998
Studio 109-Sculpture Gallery, Madison, Wisconsin

Prints and Fiberglass Forms, Sleepy Valley Studio
December, 1998 to February, 1999, Stoughton, Wisconsin

"Thinker Chair" and "A Chair For Everyone" (a collaboration with Sue Ferris)
Chair's for Charity, April 22, 1999, Madison Art Center, Madison, Wisconsin

"Theseus and the Minotour" , Benefit Show for Esthe Dinur
February, 2000, Ground Zero, Madison, Wisconsin

"Theseus and the Minotour", Benefit for Monona Public Library,
April, 2000 Monona, Wisconsin

Lion cub photo, Henry Vilas Zoo Animal Photo Contest,
May 13, 2000, Madison, Wisconsin

"Water", "Venice", "Gaia", "Rome" and "Fountain", Border's GLBT
Art Show, June 2 to 29, 2000, Madison, Wisconsin

"Reflect" recent drawings by James Reinke
May 1 to 31, 2001, Mother Fool's Coffee House, Madison, Wisconsin

"Summit at Cuz", Sordid Works by James Reinke,
January 7th to February 28th, 2002, La Mop, Madison, Wisconsin

"When the Line is Drawn and the Relief", James Reinke
works in various media,9/1-10/31, 2002, La Mop, Madison Wisconsin

Gallery Night and Day Artwalk, Milwaukee GLBT Center,
January, 2003, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Chain Mask", HospiceCare Mask-er-aid,
March 2003, Madison, Wisconsin

"Censour", A reaction show to censored shows
La Mop, 5-6/2003, Madison, Wisconsin

"Chain Tapestry", Have a Heart Dinner and Silent Auction
February 7th, 2004, AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, Green Bay, Wisconsin

"Michael", Guernsey Gala
December, 2005, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Pair of Lino Cut Prints, Have a Heart Dinner and Silent Auction,
February 18,2006, AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin,, Green Bay, Wisconsin

"Ms. Moon", Fundraiser for Primates Incorporated,
December 17, 2006, Madison, Wisconsin

"Beach", Block Print, at "Make A Promise", A Fundraiser for the
AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, April 21, 2007, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"Bed Box" at Out of the Box a fundraiser for the
Madison Museum of Contemperary Art, April 20-24, 2007, Madison, Wisconsin

"Ms. Moon" and "Fishnets", block prints at Make A Promise, a fundraiser for the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, April 5th, 2008, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Various prints at Look at That,
June 2005 to June 2008, Madison, Wisconsin

"Michael" and Ms. Moon", New Harvest Foundation Art Auction,
September 19th, 2008, Madison, Wisconsin

Prints in a bin at "La Mop",
January, 2002 to September, 2008, Madison, Wisconsin

"The Little Prints" September and October 2008, Artist Reception 10/3, 6-8 PM.
La Mop Studio, Madison, WI

"Four Star Angel", Block Print at Make A Promise Fundraiser for the
AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, April 4th, 2009, Milwaukee, WI

"Bang!", "Wang", "April-May", "Four Star Angel", Block Prints in Uncommon Nonsense, A Variety of Artwork created by a Variety of People, 8/26 -9/30th, 2009 The Inferno, Madison, WI

"I love Che", "Laokoon Fanale", "Starry Beach",(Starry Nights and Bronzed). Prints and Plaques in I Saw Red, an Uncommon Nonsense Group Show 12/16, 2009-January 30th, 2010, The Inferno, Madison, WI

"Firefly; "Zak"; "Light as a Feather"; "Jesus is God" Prints and Relief in
Lights, an Uncommon Nonsense Group Show, April 14- May 2, 2010 The Inferno, Madison, WI

"Bang!", Block Print at Make a Promise Fundraiser for the
AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, April 17, 2010
Midwest Airlines Center, Milwaukee, WI

Prints in a Bin(3 each of 13 images) Seattle Erotic Art Festival Store
April 30-May 2, 2010, Seattle, WA

"Greg Scott"; "Touch"; "Stroke Me"; "Pink Torso"and "Tusk"
In Cock a group show presented by Filth, July 23, 2010, The Inferno, Madison, WI

Madman in the Mil, Solo Exhibition, Block prints and acrylic washes
July 31- September 10, 2010, Milwaukee Gay Arts Center, Milwaukee, WI

"Austin" and "Bang" in an art auction to benefit The New Harvest Foundation,
October 10, 2010, Quivey's Grove, Madison, WI

"Gustav"; "Islero"; "Torero"; and "Picador" in Uncommon Nonsense Presents Toy Chest, August 11- October 27, 2010, The Inferno, Madison, WI

"Ms. Moon" print in a benefit auction for the Boys and Girls Club, A Night for the Kids, November 20th, 2010, The Inferno Madison, WI

A variety of prints in "Tiny pieces at Tiny Prices",
November 5th-December 31st, 2010, The Art Bar, Milwaukee, WI

6 pieces in "A few of my favorite things!" an Uncommon Nonsense Group Show
Dec 1, 2010- February 28, 2011, The Inferno, Madison, WI

"Manolete" at Make A Promise Gala A fundraiser for the
AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, April 9, 2011 Milwaukee, WI

5 pieces in Seeing Green an Uncommon Nonsense Group Show
April 20-May 15, 2011, The Inferno, Madison, WI

"Theseus and the Minotaur", "Marker Chain"; "Crucified"; "Art Model";
and "Jeff, I" at Filth III, May 20th, 2011. The Inferno, Madison, WI

A variety of prints at Kaleidoscope Marketplace,
November 13, 2010-May 21, 2011. Mt. Horeb, WI

"Manolete" in the 81st Annual, National Art League Juried Open Exhibition
May 2-28th, 2011, Douglastown, NY

"Manolete" in the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, 100th Annual Exhibition
May 27th through July 16, 2011, The Mystic Arts Center, Mystic, CT

"Manolete" in Will's Creek Survey
2011 Exhibition!
September 10-October 7, 2011
Allegany Arts Council's Saville Gallery
Cumberland, Maryland

"Whoscow", Recent Prints by James Reinke
With Paintings by Jean Borman
September 6-October 30, 2011
La Mop Studio, Madison, WI

The Matador prints in
"Tiny Pieces at Tiny Prices"
November 1-December 31, 2011
The ArtBar Riverwest
Milwaukee, WI

"Dom Ho; Crusoe; Half Moon Beach; Kaukaii:
and the Blue Board surf board at the
"Mad, Mad, Luau IV" February 25, 2012
The Inferno, Madison, WI

"Obama's Army" in
Celebrate 28 years of Giving Fundraiser for
The New Harvest Foundation, 3/3/2012
Madison, WI

"Dom Ho" at Make A Promise Going Gaga,
A fundraiser for the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin,
Milwaukee, WI

"Dom Ho" in the 82nd Annual Juried Exhibition
National Art League
Douglaston, NY

"Submit" at the Barracks in Club 5,
Madison, Wisconsin

"DomHo" in the 101st Exhibition of the
Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts
Mystic Arts Center
Mystic, CT

"Prometheus" in the
Great Lakes Area Small Works Show
Riverside Arts Center
Ypsalanti, MI

"Prometheus" and "Lefty" in "New", at the Flow Art Space,
1/16-2/2/2013, St. Paul, MN

"Prometheus", "Lefty", "J" and"Brach"
in "Beautiful People",
an Uncommon Nonsense Art Group Show,
1/23-2/21/2013, The Inferno, Madison, WI

"Prometheus" in Nude Attitude
March 1, 2013, Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, IL

"Dom Ho" in a fundraiser for
The New Harvest Foundation
March 2, 2013
Madison, WI

5 Prints: Prometheus; Lefty:
J & I; JJ; and Dom Ho in
"Nudes Downtown" at the
LightBox Photographic Gallery
3/9-4/4/2013 Astoria, OR

"Prometheus" in Make A Promise
A fundraiser for the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin
4/27/2013, Milwaukee, WI

"Prometheus" in the 2013
Wisconsin Public Television Auction
May 29, 2013,

"Prometheus" in not(2)Big
6/21-7/31, 2013,
M S Rezny Gallery
Lexington, KY

"Prometheus" in Prato Bello,
A Prairie Fundraiser, 8/3/2013
Verona, WI

"St. James of the Injectors"
and "St. James Kahlo" in
Art Attack, 8/10-9/19/2013
The Inferno, Madison, WI

"JJ2", Recent Works by
Jean Borman and James Reinke
La Mop, Madison, WI

"Prometheus" in Small Wonders
Maryland Federation of Art
Circle Gallery, Anapolis, MD

4 Pieces: "St. Sebastion"; "Daisy Chain";
"Bronzed and Bound"; and "Day of the Dead Fuckers";
in Dead Art, A Day of the Dead Show,
The Inferno, Madison, WI

"Sculptor's Studio" in Vive le Promiso
A fundraiser for the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin
4/26/2014, The Wisconsin Center
Milwaukee, WI

"Sculptor's Studio" in
Wisconsin Public Television Art Auction
On Air 5/28-6/1/2014

"Sculptor's Studio" in Printed Image 5
4/18-6/8/2014, Alice C Sabatini Gallery
Topeka, KS

4 Prints: "Rocket; Daisy Chain; En Trance; and Sculptor's Studio"
Gallery Night, 5/2-7/10/2014
The Inferno, Madison, WI

4 Prints: "Prometheus; JJ;
Lefty and Dom Ho" in
"Little" at the Richard App Gallery
Grand Rapids, MI 6/5-6/28/14

4 Prints: "Prometheus; JJ; Lefty;
and Dom Ho" in the "Outsider Show"

"Daisy Chain" in the
Washington Printmakers Gallery
2014 National Small Works Exhibition
Washington D. C.

"The Minotour and Theseus" and
"Prometheus" in Works on Paper,
Santa Cruz Art League,
Santa Cruz, CA

"Daisy Chain" in
Great Lakes "Small Works"
October 2-25, 2014
Riverside Art Center, Ypsilanti, MI

8 Pieces in "Dead Art II"
a Day of the Dead Art Show,
The Inferno, Madison, WI

"Artists You Should Know"
Group Show with Eric Hagstrom,
Jean Thuerer, and Tim Togstad,
La Mop Studio, Madison, WI

"Oak Wetland" in Wisconsin Public
Television Art Auction, 5/28/15 on air

"Praying for Rain" at
The 24th Parkside National
Small Print Exhibition
4/9-7/15/2015 Kenosha , WI

"Praying for Rain" in the
Connecticut Academy of Fine Art's
104th Annual Exhibition.
6/19-8/2/2015, Mystic Art Center
Mystic, CT

"Oak Wetland" in the"18th Annual
National Small Works Show.
Washington Printmakers Gallery
Washington D.C., 8/5-30, 2015

A Dozen Prints in "A Showcase at Maria's"
September 26, 2015, Live music, spoken word,
Art In, 1444 East Washington Ave
Madison, WI

Artists You Should Know 2"
A group show with Jean Borman;
Eric Hagstrom and Tim Togstad
La Mop Studio, Madison, WI

Block Prints on Blocks in
"Tiny Pieces at Tiny Prices"
11/6-12/30/2015, The Art Bar Riverwest
Milwaukee, WI

ThunderHead and Praying For Rain in "Lasting Impression,
Grove Gallery and Studio's printmaker exhibit
1/10-2/28/2016, East Lansing, MI

Praying for Rain and Thunderhead in a "Red Ribbon Affair"
A fundraiser auction for ARCW
Friday May 20, 2016, Madison, WI

Artists You Should Know 3
A Group show by: Jean Borman; T. Dorn and James Reinke
May and June, 2016. La Mop Studio. Madison, WI

"Jimi Poppy Seed" and "Million Poppies Make You Sleep"
at the Kitsap Arts and Crafts Art Festival,
July 29-31. 2016, Kingston, WA

"Thunderhead" in the 2016 Jax Juried Exhibition
The Jacksonville Center for the Arts, 8/5-10/1/2016, Floyd, VA

Mini Tiny Art at Tiny Prices
11-4 to 12/24/2016 Art Bar , Milwaukee, WI

Jimi Poppy Seed in Small Wonders, December 2016
Maryland Federation of Art, Circle Gallery, Annapolis, MD

Co-opted: JJ3 and JJ4, A Concurrent Duo Show with Jean Borman
At the Willy St Co-op, both East and West, In Madison and Middleton, WI
January and February. 2017

Various pieces in private collections in: Arizona; California; Colorado; Florida; Georgia; Illinois; Kentucky; Louisiana; Maryland; Massachusetts; Michigan; Minnesota; New Mexico; New York; South Carolina; Texas; Washington; Wisconsin; Australia; Germany; and the United Kingdom.

BlueFlesh the Art of James R Reinke